Saturday, June 12, 2010

We're growing!

In most important news, our grocery project has taken a turn! We're now feeding 2 adults, 2 kids and a growing infant! That's right! We're expecting Baby #3! With that big news, I'm a little bit of a mess this week! We made two trips to two different stores. I have one picture and one receipt, but I did come out at $50.00 exactly. Here is what we got -

Hen House -

Those are ORGANIC blueberries that were on sale for $1.99!!! So awesome! I don't have my receipt, but my saving was around 50%, and I spent about $25.00 after tax. I got really good deals on everything but the milk, which I paid full price for. I hate that!

At Hy-Vee, we got:

3 bags of Chex mix
1 bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch
2 boxes of Quaker granola bars with fiber and Omega 3s
1 bag of Sara Lee bagels
1 package of Hillshire Farms lunch meat
1 4 pack of Activia
1 carton of Philadelphia cream cheese
2 lbs of baby carrots
1 red bell peepper
2 lbs of grapes
1 head of Romaine lettuce

My total here was $23.00 after tax.

Our food supply is looking a little sparse. In addition to feeding my own family, I took a dinner of salad, cavatini and scones to a friend of mine that is on bed rest with twins. My husband is also still doing a great job on his diet, which means I've been packing more lunches than usual and just generally buying different items. My goal for this week is to try to get my coupons in order. They are a MESS, and I really need to be stretching my dollar better than I have been. I think fixing my coupon problem would help me a lot.


  1. Good job! It feels good to make it work! Congrats on the new little one;)

  2. Congrats! I hope the pregnancy goes well.

  3. We are so excited about #3! And you neglected to mention that giant dog that you are also feeding. I know how much dog food we go through with Honey, I can't imagine what Halo eats!

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  6. Everyone should keep in mind during these tough times do not be afraid or ashame to ask your local food pantry for help. If you have to once or twice just do it, then later when times are better for you it is your turn to give. Another trick ask for gift cards for all holidays paired with coupons I can make mine stretch very far. Even a $5.00 gift card is a very welcome thing when budgets are very tight.

  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!! What exciting news!