Friday, October 23, 2009

Hen House

We made a quick trip to Hen House after dance last night. I was intending on using a $10 gift card I have from a rebate, but I TOTALLY forgot. We'll be stretchin' $50 the old fashioned way again this week!

Here's what we got --

1 2 liter of Coke
1/2 gallon of hormone free strawberry milk (Good news - Roberts Strawberry has SUGAR, not HFC!)
1 dozen extra large Eggland's Best eggs
1 dozen Eggland's Best cage free eggs
1 Yoplait Delights
1 gallon of hormone free white milk
2 Jimmy Dean breakfast bowls
1 box of fish sticks
1 Hormel Turkey and Gravy
4.31 lbs of bananas
1 bag of Berry Ricola

Pre-tax total was $17.38. I saved $20.08. Pretty good, but once again I'm wondering how that little food could REALLY cost $40???

Also, I got some kind of crappy news today. Our health insurance premium is going up $40 a month. That, and everyone in my department got told LAST week that we will not be getting raises for the second year running. I'm trying so hard not to be irritated because I know so many have it much, much, much worse than a $40 health care inconvenience or frozen salary, but I am really sad. Anyway, I'm not wanting to cut any of our existing extras OR savings, so I'm considering after 1+ year of the $50/week grocery challenge going for the $40/week grocery challenge. I KNOW we can get buy on $40 a week. My problem will be self-control. I already have a pretty hard time passing a good sale or saying no to things I know my family would like to have in the fridge. Cutting the budget by 20% would make it that much harder. But, we shall see! Stay tuned!

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Please share in the frugal fun at Life As A Mom.


  1. Some great deals on healthy foods! I understand your struggle with self-control, especially when a sale seems too good to pass up!

  2. I understand the about self control. I always plan to get only what is on my list but somehow I seem to find something I can not pass up then go over budget. I think that it is great that you can cut your budget even more! Good luck!

  3. Hey There! I was just browsing sites and came across yours from a link on Life as Mom with the tips for frugal living/saving.

    I wanted to share something with you that I started doing a just a couple months ago. I used to be BIG into Stockpiling/Couponing back in 2001. Since then I got out of it and we moved and my stockpile has been long since depleted.

    What I am doing now that is making a difference, I shared with my best friend over two years ago. Only problem is, I didn't act on it two years ago. Instead, I hee haw'd around and I finally got going with it just about 2 months ago. I even have a group of ladies on Facebook doing it with me and everyone is already seeing a difference. This is also WITHOUT using coupons. I was reading what you were saying about reducing your budget down to $40 ~ but I'd like to give you some food for thought if you plan to decrease your amt. Instead... use your extra $10 to help you stockpile the loss leader.

    This is the idea:

    Each week stores have loss leaders which I know you are well aware of. I scan the papers and find what would be a good item for me to stockpile (typically from the loss leader or something that is on sale for $1 an item or LESS) and I purchase $10 of that item. It adds up very quickly. You figure in 4 weeks, you have 4 items stockpiled and approx 10 in each, depending on how many your family has already consumed. It really does work nicely.
    Feel free to email me if you'd like. :) I would love to have you join us in the group if it is of interest to you.

  4. Btw, I don't have an acct here - I made one just so I could reply to your post.

  5. I'm a little late to respond to this, but thanks for sharing. I have heard variation of this idea. Perhaps I should give it some further thought! I DO try to stockpile, but it gets hard. I very often use my $50 just to buy foods that I know I can put together with foods that I have leftover from previous shopping trips. Basically, I haven't figured out how to afford to be able to buy multiples of the same thing consistently because I'm just trying despserately to fill in the gaps!



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