Saturday, January 16, 2010

MLK weekend at Hy-Vee

Here is what we got on our second grocery trip this weekend

2 1/2 gallons of generic OJ
1 Tropicana OJ (free)
1 frozen Wanchai Ferry dinner
3 boxes of Barilla pasta
1 Earthgrains 100$ whole wheat Thin Buns
3 small cans of Hunts tomato sauce
1 can of generic almonds
1 can of generic black beans
2 boxes of Frosted Flakes (1 was free)
5 Quaker snacks
1 loaf of Sara Lee whole wheat white bread (free)
1 tube of Sunsweet Ones
5 packages of Ramen
1 box of Tornados
2 packages Hillshire Farms lunch meat
1 tub of Smart Balance sour cream
2 Glade candles (1 was free)
5 bags of Kraft cheese
1 package of tortillas
1 5 lb bag of potatoes
1.62 lbs of bananas

My total came in at just under $40. With yesterday's purchase I did go a little over, but the good news is that I was under last week by about $10. (I never had to make another stop for milk.) I guess that means we break even for the two weeks. The other GREAT news is that I also earned $8 in bounce back dollars from the Quaker and Glade purchases. Yay! I will be needing them next week for sure! I think we'll be looking at that empty fridge again by Friday.

We'll be eating very simply this week. I'm planning on making some orange muffins for breakfast -- maybe a double batch. We'll be gone both tomorrow and Monday night for dinner, and we'll probably go out to eat on Monday afternoon to celebrate having an extra day off as a family this week. Other than that, I'm guessing we'll be getting back to the basics with meals like grilled
cheese, baked potatoes, french toast and homemade hashbrowns, spaghetti, quesadillas, etc.

See also Grocery Cart Challenge.


  1. That is awesome! I'm so impressed. Your little girl looks so proud too! So cute!

  2. Really? It's great to save money but are you really going to feed your family nothing but carbs for a week? It sounds like a prison meals to me. Maybe if you stretched to $75 a week, which is still pretty frugal you family could have a little protein in their diet once in a while.

  3. i didn't buy protein this week either. But we will still be eating a balanced protein/carbohydrate/vegetable dinner every night. my fridge is a refridgerator/freezer combo. i buy more meat on sale than we will eat in a week, and store it in my freezer, or my husband hunts and we store that in our freezer. One does not have to buy meat every week to eat meat every week.

    plus, the woman bought nuts and beans, which are also in the protein catagory with meat.

  4. I agree! I wait for chicken to go on sale for 69 cents a pound then buy a months worth of it and freeze it. I usually only buy meat about once a month. However, we also eat a lot of dried beans and nut butters, which are loaded with proteins and have NO cholesterol like meat does. Your families diet sounds awesome to me! I feed my family of 5 for $60 a week. When my two older daughters still lived at home, I fed al 7 of us for $70 a week and we were always well fed and healthy.



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