Saturday, October 2, 2010

Grocery Blunders...

I had a bad week of grocery mistakes this week. First, I accidentally bought organic apples for $1 a piece. Then, I hit up Hy-Vee a day early for their 1 day sale. I supposed we'll go back today to pick up a few things we'll use. So far, this is what we grabbed -

Hen House -

This was actually a SUPER great trip except for the apple debacle. I spent $25.00 pretax and saved $28.01. If I had bought the apples for $.69/lb we would have done so much better. Plus, they charged me kind of funny for the dried plums, so that savings didn't show up either. I strongly considered taking the apples back since the cost 10% of my grocery budget this week, but I just didn't have the time or the energy.

This was my trip to Hy Vee (where we missed the 1 day sale, as mentioned.) My pre-tax total was about $17.50. I was really happy with my savings, but goodness the milk was $3.85. I try to only buy brands that I know are hormone free, but it is so expensive when I don't have a coupon or there isn't a sale! Is the price of milk going up???

I still have a few recipes I'm going to try to share this week -- my meatless chili and an apple crostada. I also tested out a recipe this morning for a Dutch Baby that is really fun and delicious. It's a good recipe because it's REALLY cheap! The cost for making it comes in easily at under $1.

Also, we'll be out of town next week. Our grocery budget will be coming with us for groceries at our destination. I'm also going to be taking some things from our pantry to help with our vacation expenditures. I'll share some easy ideas for things to pack and take along.


  1. I had a bad week and dumb mistakes grocery shpping this week too. must be something in the air? Oh well lessons learned and I am sure we will both do better next time.

  2. The dutch baby sounds good! Good deals on groceries:)