Sunday, March 29, 2009

A few notes...

I thought I'd add this list. It is NOT mine. I took it from a blog about living on $1,500 a week that seems to not exist any longer. Anyway, I kind of had a list like this in my head, so I was glad someone else took the time to put it on paper.

applesauce = $0.0398/ounce
baby wipes = $0.0048/wipe
bacon = $1.49/lb.
barbecue sauce = $0.0621/ounce
bread = $0.062/ounce
brownie mix = $0.20/box
butter (sticks) = FREE
cake mix = $1.25/box
carrots (baby) = $0.99/lb
carrots (whole) = $0.595/lb.
cereal = $0.50/box
cheese (block or shredded) = $2.00/lb.
chicken breasts (bone-in) = $0.68/lb.
chicken leg quarters = $0.49/lb.
chicken (whole) = $0.68/lb.
chicken (ground) = $1.50/lb.
coffee (New England) = $1.33/lb.
cold medication = FREE
conditioner = FREE
cough drops = FREE
creamer (coffee) = $2.75/half gallon (as low as $1.16/half gallon when I stacked store and manufacturer's coupons)
dental floss = FREE
deodorant (Old Spice - husband) = $2.00/stick
disposable diapers (size 5) = $0.09/diaper
electrasol gel pacs = FREE
flour = $0.799/pound
foil = $0.03086/sq. ft.
frosting = $0.49/tub
Garnier Fructis styling products = FREE
granola bars = $0.15/bar
green beans = $0.40/can (FREE one time with a $0.75/1 coupon)
ground beef = $1.84/lb.
handsoap = $0.00180/mL
juice (bottled) = $0.0234/ounce
juice (boxes) = $0.0222/ounce
juice (frozen concentrate) = $0.50/container
kid's shampoo (L'Oreal) = $0.0555/ounce
kid's soap (Johnson Buddies soaps) = FREE
lotion = FREE
mandarin oranges = $0.064/ounce
margarine sticks (Promise) = $1.25/1 lb. box
multivitamins = $0.0250/vitamin
Nutri Grain bars = $0.15/bar
onions = $0.495/lb.
pasta = FREE
pasta sauce = $0.019/ounce
potatoes (red) = $0.495/lb.
razors = FREE
shampoo = FREE
shaving cream = FREE
soap = $0.17/bar
strawberries = $1.79/lb.
string cheese = $0.125/stick
toilet paper (Scott 1,000-sheet roll) = $0.00546/sq. ft.
tomatoes (crushed) = $0.0196/ounce
toothbrushes = $1.00/brush
toothpaste = FREE
yogurt = FREE
ziploc sandwich bags = $0.01656/bag

I like this list because it seems like knowing what a good price REALLY is is half the battle. The other half is planning ahead in a manner that allows for you to only pay this price.

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