Saturday, October 16, 2010


This was somewhat of a tricky grocery week. We came back from vacation completely cleaned out of groceries. I also came back exhausted and sick. To top things off, there was a death in the family. I spent the better part of the week trying just told hold the basics together. Thankfully, my husband was able to take some time off work to make things a little bit easier for me.

The sales weren't great this week. Ideally, I would have saved some or all of my money for a better sale week or for the holidays, but we just honestly had an empty fridge.(I had $60 this week as I only spent $40 on groceries on our trip. ) I made two quick trips this week. My first trip was to Price Chopper on Wednesday morning where I grabbed 4 bottles of various Minute Maid juices, a green pepper for chili, some Dr. Pepper and some tortillas. I spent about $10. My husband also picked up a gallon of milk out of pocket. I was aiming to be able to make a dinner with leftovers and have enough things in the fridge to get us through until I could make it to the store over the weekend. Mission accomplished.

Pictured is my trip to Hy-Vee. I was really lucky to only take one kid with me! Even though the sales weren't great, I think we did pretty good! I spent right at $50 after tax. The best part was just having some food in the fridge again!

Stay tuned because this week I plan to share a healthier version of my mom's pumpkin muffins in my preschool snacks series, and I'm also going to share one of our favorite and super, SUPER easy calzone recipes.