Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Why buy consignment? Part 3

I'm a little late on this, but this was my other major Black Friday purchase. Gymboree always has really great Black Friday sales, and you can pair them with a coupon. I believe I saved 60% off retail here, and I only bought stuff that was on a super great sale. You will notice some duplicates because I also bought for my nieces for Christmas. My pre-tax total was $89.44. Incidentally, I was in the middle of cooking Thanksgiving desserts when I placed my order and didn't realize that I fell below the $100 free shipping threshold AND missed out on some Gymbucks. Not everyone is perfect -- yet I try so hard!

I purchased 1 jacket, 1 swimming suit, 15 shirts and 4 pairs of underwear. Even if you factor out the underwear, I spent an average of $5.26 per item. Several of the items actually cost less than that, but I splurged a little on the two shirts on the bottom left with the adorable Christmas prints!

Now, I know I could spend less than this to clothe my children, but with such quality and style? I haven't had such luck.

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