Saturday, April 4, 2009

Wonder Bread Outlet

I had a coupon for a free box of Hostess 10 count goodies, so I finally checked it out. It was like anything else, you have to pay attention to the prices. A lot of things were just kind of "normal" sale prices, but bread and buns were DEFINITELY priced well. I spent $5.75 (after a 7.5% tax) and got two loaves of Wonder bread 100% whole wheat, 1 box of Knotts Apricot shortbread cookies and 1 box of 12 Vanilla Zingers. My mom got 2 loaves of Sunmaid raisin bread (these were a great deal,) 1 package of sandwich buns and a 12 count box of Ding Dongs for just over $6.00. We decided that it's worth the trip to stock up on bread on a quarterly basis or so -- especially when you can treat yourself to a box of junk!

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