Saturday, April 2, 2011

Recycle Bank

If you haven't already joined Recyclebank, now is a great time! I've earned some really helpful rewards through Recyclebank. Some of my favorites have been free two liters of Coke and free Happy Baby products. I recommend holding on to your points and watching the Daily Deals. There are occasionally really great offers!

Right now you can earn 70 points in your Recyclebank account when you take the Green Your Home Challenge. I am hearing that the challenge will last for all of April as they move through the rooms in a house explaining how you can make greener choices. 

Once you register,

1. Enter the Green Home Challenge
2. Click on the Gray floor plan on the right of the page
3. Click on “Kitchen” and then click around to find different opportunities available to earn up to 70 points.

Have fun!


  1. I've tried to find this answer on my own but couldn't. I wondered if you have listed how you are living on $50.00 a week? Do you also list menus? I, too, am trying to live on $50.00 a week so I'm very interested in your project.

  2. Every week with our groceries I list generally what we're going to eat. I link to specific recipes I'm making, and you can assume that everything else is really simple -- PB&J, fresh fruits and veggies, mac and cheeee, something from the freezer, etc. We also typically eat out on Sunday afternoons. Both my husband and I occasionally buy lunch out while we're at work also. I am fortunate that I have a subsidized cafe at work. It's *almost*as cheap as bringing my lunch!