Saturday, April 17, 2010

$20 at Hen House

(What a BAD picture. Sorry!)

We spent our remaining $20 at Hen House today. Here is what we got:

1 flat of strawberries (split with my mom)
2 cans of sweetened condensed milk
1 jar of Tostitos salsa
1 Tree Top apple cider
4 bags of Kraft cheddar cheese
3 16 oz tubs of cottage cheese
2 Palermo's frozen pizzas

My pre-tax total was $26.46. I saved 57%. I recouped $5 from my mom for the strawberries. And, on a final note, I'm a little bit bummed because my savings would have been much better, but I had to buy sweetened condensed milk at full price. (Oh the horror.) We're going over to my mother in laws tomorrow, and I promised I'd bring dessert. I thought I had everything I needed, but I was missing the milk. Darnit! Dessert recipe to follow some time tomorrow. It's a good one!

With this week's banana purchase, I see banana bread, banana smoothies AND banana pudding in our future. I also really love having a banana or an apple with a tablespoon of peanut butter for breakfast or a snack. Could it get any healthier or cheaper??? (See this week's other purchase (with bananas) here.) I probably won't do a lot of serious meal preparation this week. We'll probably have at least one breakfast for dinner meal, and other than that, we'll do a lot of light dinners like PBJ, grilled cheese or black bean and cheese quesadillas with a side of fruit and cottage cheese. I have a few pizzas and a Wanchai Ferry dinner stashed for some easy lunches for the family while I am at work. There's plenty of yogurt and strawberries for smoothies. I'm not gonna lie -- the options are slimmer than usual, but I'm not going to sweat it. The new grocery week always rolls around more quickly than I expect!

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  1. came here looking for menu plan Monday -- you have a really interesting blog. I really would love to get down to $50 per week for groceries!