Friday, April 9, 2010

$40/week edition...

As I mentioned last week, things are a little tight around here this pay period. We had about a $300 shortfall in our budget for these two weeks, so we had to pull back a little (or a lot) in a several different areas. To be honest with you, I was feeling really bummed about having to cut our small budget at all, but it really didn't matter all that much in the end. The sales weren't great, and since my budget was limited, I skipped over the junk and stuck with the stuff that was truly nutritionally beneficial for my family. (Ok, except for the pizza.)

I made three trips to different stores this week.

Price Chopper:

My pre-tax total was $14.38. I saved $24.38.

Hy Vee -

I'm not quite sure what my exact total was at HV because I also bought air filters out of our household budget. I think it was just shy of $14.00.

At Hen House, I got:

2 dozen Land O'Lakes Eggs
2 Smart Balance butters
1 Peach Whole Fruit Sorbet

My total was $7.34 pre-tax. I saved $6.93.

Oh yeah, I also picked up a bag of SunChips and 2 Reese's PB Cups at CVS for free. Yay!

Quite honestly, I'm a little bored with our "usual" food. Since I'm not a big meat eater, we have a fairly limited dinner rotation, and I'm definitely growing weary of it. (If anyone has any great vegetarian recipes, I would LOVE to hear them.) Even still, I'll make a cavatini this week for sure. Other dinners will include, grilled cheese and tomato soup, pizza, baked potatoes and breakfast for dinner. We'll be snacking on yogurt, cottage cheese, banana smoothies, apples and peanut butter (my new favorite,) and tortillas with black beans and cheese. I'll also be sharing my family's favorite chocolate chip and oatmeal cookie recipe later this week.


  1. Great savings trips! =)

    I think you're doing awesome on your budget. I like that you skipped out on the junky foods and went for the more nutritious stuff. Even if it's a little more expensive, it's well worth it!

  2. How about a Veg Curry?

    Try this recipe....

  3. I have shared a couple of good vegetarian recipes on my blog. My daughter does not eat meat and so i have had to find recipes like this for a long time

  4. Good luck with your budget. I know you can do it.