Friday, May 7, 2010

Disney World Edition...

I can't believe I haven't gotten around to mentioning it yet, but we're going to Disney World...a week from TODAY! I can hardly wait! Because of our trip, I decided to combine our two week grocery budget. $100 still isn't sounding like a lot as I am trying to pick up food for this week, add to my stash of snacks for our trip, pick up some ingredients for the dessert I am making for Mother's Day AND food for daddy to eat while we are gone.

We made two grocery store trips tonight I can't find my receipt from our Hen House stop, but this is what we got:

I saved 50%.

After that, I swapped kids with my husband, and the baby and I went to Price Chopper. They were having a super good weekend and anniversary sale. I bought considerably more "junk" than usual, but it will tide daddy over while we are gone. This is what we got:

1 dozen eggs
3 packages of shredded cheese
1 package of bagels
1 package of mini cream cheese
1 Minute Maid OJ
1 Minute Maid Pomegranate Blueberry with DHA (LOVE this stuff)
2 Robert's cottage cheese
1 gallon of hormone free whole milk
3 rising crust Palermo's pizzas
2 of the cheaper variety of Palermo's
1 Belfonte ice cream
4 Lean Cuisine's
1 package of Tornados
3 boxes of Pop Tarts
3 bags of Doritos
2 packages of Stride gum
2 Vitamin Waters

My pretax total was right at $50.00. I saved $66.83. A pretty good savings, but I suppose with all of the processed stuff it should be!

See this week's other trip along with a new recipe here.

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