Thursday, August 26, 2010

Debt Free!

I know, I know -- still pretty MIA. Every week I keep thinking I'll be able to post about our grocery trip, and every week I am exhausted by the time I get this far. Not to mention that my trips have not been that impressive. Just GETTING to the store is good for me. I'm definitely lacking in the preparation department as much of my planning time has been re-dedicated to sleeping. I usually use my lunch time to plan our grocery shopping, but I have taken a nap in my car instead nearly every day for the last 10 weeks or so! Even still, I am feeling a little improved, and I am down to one kid this weekend! I MAY make a grocery shopping trip return! Maybe I'll even whip a new recipe! Oh my!

My reason for posting is that I did want to share that we finally made our goal! We're debt free (except for our mortgage again!) We paid off our Town & Country last week! We paid it off in exactly one year with less than 7K miles. I'm so proud! You can read more about our decision to buy a new minivan here. It was a lot of work to pay it off, but it was WORTH IT! And, now we have Baby #3 on the way, and a PAID FOR car that we will all fit in. Planning (and saving!) is a good thing!

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Now that is something to be proud of!!! Good job!