Saturday, January 29, 2011

Baby Watch

We're still on baby watch here. (Oh boy, am I tired!) I went a little over budget today, which we REALLY cannot afford right now. Regardless, I guess it's more cost effective to go over budget on groceries than to go over budget on sending Daddy for carry out. Plus, I'm still really worried about leaving half of the family at home while I'm in the hospital. I'm sensing 3 days of Happy Meals. Oh no!

Here is what I picked up:

My pre-tax total was right at $65. I'm also noticing that they missed my rain check for apples, so they overcharged me about $.80/lb for 4 lbs. I'll have to grab that credit at customer service one of these days. Kind of a big one!

No meal plan this week. We're just trying to make it through the days. If it's anything like last week, however, every ounce of food will get eaten. By the time I got to the store today, we had butter, jelly and...that was about it in our refrigerator. That being said, I am making a nice dinner tonight. I'm making my mom's Cherry Chicken and a new recipe for Nigella's blondies that a friend recommended. Can't wait!

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  1. I read your blog every week and I keep thinking this will be the week you welcome Baby Boy/Girl. Don't tell me what it is I'm waiting for the surprise! Goodluck - I hope this is the week!
    P.S. Friends will feed your family. They want starve even though we think they will!! Ha Ha