Saturday, March 19, 2011

Getting Creative

Since I overspent on groceries last week, I had to get really creative this week! Normally, I would probably just squeak by, but our fridge was looking REALLY bare. In fact, my daughter asked if I had "cleaned it out." If you can call eating everything "cleaning it out," then yes!

Anyway, I got lucky (if you can call it that) and had to fill a prescription for both myself AND Archer (for the third time) for thrush. Thankfully I noticed in this week's ad that Target had a coupon for a $10 gift card with any new or transferred prescription! We had one prescription filled earlier this week, and then I had two more filled today. My total out of pocket cost (well, from my flex plan) was about $18, but I got $30 back in gift cards. (Thanks goodness for small miracles!) I spent $14 from the gift cards on groceries. This is what I got,

I spent my $23 cash at Price Chopper. Then, I went to Hy Vee where I finally remembered to return all of that tuna in oil, which gave me $6 to spend at Hy Vee. Here is what I got at both stores,

I ended up spending about $47 after tax. I'm SO glad I had a few options to come up with some extra money, or we would have been way bare bones this week. Some of this week's menu items will include calzones, spaghetti and spinach pie, pumpkin bread, cheesy eggs and frozen pizza. I also have three new recipes I'm going to try out this week -- chicken enchilada soup, baked quesadillas and peach cake. Watch for those recipes soon!

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