Saturday, August 20, 2011

$40 Edition

As I mentioned in my last grocery update, I only had $40 this week. I spent $8 at the bread store. This purchase wrapped up the rest of the $40 plus a few extra dollars. I didn't spend 10% of my budget on any one super cheap item because there just wasn't one this week! Regardless, I felt like I FINALLY at least got some decent food. We really spent the last week trying to scrape whatever we could together. It was not pretty! Obviously, we've made it for a very long time on a $50 budget, but when you're in crisis mode and every LAST bite of food is coming from the kitchen, resources reallllllllllllllllllly get exhausted.

We haven't broken out the $50 from my husband's unemployment to stock up a little, but we're planning on doing that this weekend. Honestly, we might make it $100 because we are just so low on everything. I'm planning on hitting Trader Joes for items that are well priced there (cereal bars and milk,) and we may also go to Sam's to try to get some school lunch items. I do typically think it's cheaper to shop at a major store on sale with a coupon, but it does limit your options to what is available to some extent.

I'll post our stock up trips and menu plans later today!

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