Thursday, August 18, 2011

A few tips for shopping the bread outlet...

(Grand total, $8 even)

1. Check the "expiration" dates! Some items will just by chance be older than the others. Buy the freshest you can get for your $. It's worth it to have it not taste stale or go moldy the day after you buy it.

2. Don't  buy whole wheat bread from the super cheap table if you can help it. Yes, it's super cheap, but if you're buying whole wheat varieties, they REALLY ARE almost too stale too eat. Donuts, tortillas, etc. may be ok. It's sort of by trial and error! I typically don't buy from this table, but I'll take it if it's free!

3. Stock up while you're there! Immediately freeze what you won't eat in the next 3 or 4 days. Bread freezes beautifully.

4. Ask what else sells well. It's probably a good buy for the money! Today I was told syrup, which we actually really needed. I picked some up, and we'll try it out!

5. Ask if they have a punch card. My store punches for every dollar you spend. At $30, you get to pick a free baked good and a free bread item from the super cheap table.

6. Ask if there is a day where they run a special promotion. My location has a "double punch" day On double punch days you only have to spend $15 to pick up some free items. Go early on double punch days because the store is always more picked over!

7. Ask if they run coupons. If they do, ask what publication and how frequently. I see them occasionally in mailers!

8. Check for any free samples by the register. There is almost always something there.

To locate an Oroweat outlet near you, check this site:


  1. That's my FAVORITE brand of syrup!

    I wish I knew of a bread outlet in my area. We can go through bread pretty fast around here. I was just baking all our bread, but right now it's too hot to spend an hour heating my house from the INSIDE with the oven :( Pretty bummed because we can consistently eat about $9/week worth of bread, but making it myself was costing in the neighborhood of $1.5

  2. If u can get the whole wheat for super cheap or free try letting it dry out and then run through food processor to make into bread crumbs for "shake n bake" or chicken strips...etc. Works great!