Saturday, May 23, 2009


A much healthier trip...

It seems like Hy-Vee may have changed their receipt. looks like you pay tax pre-coupon adjusted price. Is that right??? Anyway, I think my total pre-tax wzs right around $27.00. It's hard to tell because I actually had a little credit I went back for as they over-charged me for something and they mis-keyed a coupon. But...$27.00 is close, and I'm sticking to it.

I think we're a little over again (still in the $50.00 range before tax,) but my husband's check was extra big this week. I will make up the small difference with that much appreciated extra blessing. I never have really explained, but from Dave Ramsey, I learned that in order to make the most of our income, we needed a zero based budget. In order to have a zero based budget (ie account for every last dime of our money) AND do all of the college, retirement and short term savings that we can possibly squeak out, we landed at a $50.00 grocery budget. Thus, the beginning of this project. So, when I say we've only got $50.00, it's on a week where paychecks are what they "usually" are. Occassionally they are a few hundred less (last pay period.) Occasionally they are a few hundreded more (this pay period.) We usually will bank the difference, but I'll take the few bucks to adjust the grocery budget in an attempt to help account for all of these crazy celebrations and stocking up for our trip.

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