Friday, May 8, 2009

I'm not gonna lie. I'm feeling a little bit overwhelmed by this project at the moment. I'm having a HARD time pairing sales and coupons (again,) finding reasonably priced entree type things AND here we are at another holiday! UGH!

I made a trip to Price Chopper tonight. This is what we got --

1 TIPPIN's Lemon Meringue Pie (Happy Mother's Day to me!) $4.99
5 2 litres of 7UP products (.99 a piece)
2 half gallons of OJ (.99 a piece)
1 Mango Whole Fruit sorbet ($2.50)
3 bags of 20% extra Doritos ($1.69 a piece)
3 Gatorades ($.69 a piece)
1 bag of lots of flour tortillas ($1.99)
2 boxes of Wheat Thins ($$1.25)
5 Kiwis ($1.00 total)
2 lbs of strawberries ($2.6something)
2 dozen eggs ($.67)

I saved $28.48 just by buying sale items. I spent $30.78 (before tax.) I also saved $3.00 in coupons, but they forgot to ring them up. Instead, I got the cash back. We will hit another store tomorrow. Buying what I need for our Mother's Day BBQ will do us in. I don't know how I will solve that problem yet. The only way TO solve might to just really rely on our stockpile this week.

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