Thursday, August 20, 2009

I hadn't really intended on doing the Kellogg's "Fuel for School" rebate, but I had some extra time, a good sale and a bunch of coupons that made it easy and worth my while. Here's what I got...

2 boxes of Vanilla Wafers
2 3 Muskateers
1 Milky Way
2 Kellogg's fruit snacks
2 2 litres of Sprite
1 package of Oroweat whole wheat sandwich thins
2 boxes of whole grain Cheez-its
2.07 lbs of red grapes
1 gallon of AE chocolate milk
2 boxes of Eggos
2 boxes of Corn Pops
1 loaf of Price Chopper brand wheat bread
1 bag of frozen peas

Total out of pocket - $14.83

I saved $14.56 with promotions. $11.98 in coupons. $4.31 with my frequent shopper card and $10.00 with a gift card I received from the Sunshine/Keebler promotion. I will also roll this for the Fuel for School rebate if I can remember to gather all of those UPCs!

Now, I know this isn't exactly health food, but it stocked pantry with goodies to last us a LONG time.

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