Friday, August 21, 2009

Free in Aug...

I'll post what I've got so far before I lose my list --

A really fancy double layer chocolate cake from a nearby bakery
$10.00 Schwann's meal (although I haven't GOTTEN it yet)
2 Snickers
1 half sheet cake and smash cake (This was my daughter's 1st birthday cake. It was supposed to be hot pink, and it was ORANGE. But, free is cool. I spent the extra money on much needed fall clothes for the girls.)
$20.00 in groceries (1 gc from earning baby bucks and 1 gc from a Keebler rebate)
1 box of Pampers wipes
Some CVS brand school supplies
Free shipping from Pottery Barn Kids
3 2 litres of Sprite
1 package of Dannon smoothies
1 small bouquet of flowers (randomly free at grocery store)
$2.00 of fresh produce
1 16 oz Coffeemate (accidentally got left in the car, so it was a waste)
Lunch from Jack Stack (for a job well done!)
Oxy face wash sample
A pre-release of a high fiber diet book
2 packages of Kotex samples
Glade candle

That's all I've got on my list for now. I've probably overlooked some stuff, but I think it's pretty good!!!

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