Thursday, August 6, 2009

I have three main objectives this week --

1. Stay at $50.00.
2. Stock the freezer with quick meal foods
3. Post pictures!

So far, so good.

Total savings $27.75. Pre-tax total, $27.77. I guess that means I saved 50%! I figure that's decent considering the amount of fruit I bought. And, I have a 1 year old that will eat almost exclusively blueberries and peaches lately, so I was lucky to get them at a reasonable price!

I started following, and I do have to say that I get frustrated that I can't keep up with her deals. See here - I have to remind myself that I have two things working against me -- The biggest one is the full-time job. Go figure. The other is that I don't have a printer. Have I ever mentioned that? Printable coupons are MONEY, but I only have access to them when I can steal a few minute's at my mom's house. So, whatever. We all do what we can, right?

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