Saturday, September 12, 2009

This money savin' mama is BUSY. Our Friday night ritual for about the last year has been going to the store. However, we've added a Friday night dance class to our schedule from 6:15-715. On the off chance that my kids have had a NAP, we might be able to go afterwards. Otherwise, I'm screwed. We went first thing this morning, and I HATED it. I hated rushing out of bed and around the house to add it to our already busy Saturday schedule. Something is gonna have to give.

Needless to say, 1 store this week. This is how we did...

1 El Paso taco seasoning
3 2 litres of Cherry Coke Zero
2 El Paso Enchilada sauces
1 1lb bag of organic black beans
2 Aunt Jemima whole wheat pancake mixes
3 Aunt Jemima syrups
2 packages of Keebler crackers with peanut butter
1 box of Cinnabon bars
1 Peppridge Farms Trail Mix cookies
1 bag of Snyders Pretzel sandwiches
1 bag of flour tortillas
1 package of Danactive yogurt
2 packages of Danimal smoothies
1 gallon of hormone free whole milk
2 quarts of Dannon All Natural yogurt
2 packages of Edwards dessert singles
2 Freschetta pizzas
2 little boxes of raspberries
4.52 lbs of organic peaches

Pre-tax total $48.30. Savings $52.30. I used 18 coupons. Only 1 was doubled. Total savings for the year (what little shopping I do there) is $336.66.

A quick dinner rundown --

Saturday - cheese and onion enchiladas
Sunday - birthday celebration out
Monday - dinner at church for Alpha
Tuesday - pancakes and eggs
Wed-Fri will be quick meals like grilled cheese, smoothies, frozen pizza, leftovers, etc.

Lunches for the girls will be packed. They take things like black beans, ham and cheese sandwiches, cottage cheese, raisins, frozen peas, etc. Plus a sippy of milk!

Hubby will take his lunch or buy with his own spending money.

I eat cereal for breakfast at work and frequently "scrounge" a meal out of our business meeting treats! Lunch is usually leftovers. Occasionally, I will spend my personal spending money on a few frozen dinners when they're priced 6/$10.

We've also got great snack options -- raspberries or peaches eaten fresh or with yogurt, peanut butter crackers and tons of other stuff from previous weeks.

See how easy it is?

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  1. Love your blog ! Great tips - wish NYC grocers offered more cupons.