Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A quick and green grocery shopping tip...

I used to make the statement that I didn't have enough hands to take my own grocery bags to the grocery store. I was already balancing a baby, a 3 year old, a coupon book and a purse. That's 4 things for two hands. I realize now the error in my ways. Have you tried using one BIG reusable bag and stuffing your purse, coupons and all of your other reusable bags in to it? It works like a dream, and now I get to save $.05 a bag too! Give it a try!

Works for Me!


  1. Okay, I lost my comment so here I go again.

    Great idea! I don't have littles to take shopping with me any more. But my bags are all over my car. I really need to incorporate them into one big bag!

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  3. That is SO smart! We don't get paid for bringing our own bags, but I do feel good about doing it. And I rarely shop with less than two kids with me.