Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ice Cream Overload

It is quite possible that I overdid it on the ice cream. There was a deal running at Hy Vee where if you spent $12 on ice cream, you got a $4 catalina for $4 off your next purchase. I hadn't exactly budgeted for spending $12 on ice cream, but the Haagen Dasz caught me hook line and sinker. Did you see those flavors??? Midnight Cookies & Cream and Bananas Foster. (PS, Dear Haagen Dasz, please bring back Sticky Toffee Pudding!) I am SO not sharing those. Anyway, I immediately used my $4 catalina to pay for some pop to get us (me) through the week.

Here is what we got:

Barilla shell noodles
2 bags of Doritos
2 jars of generic unsweetened applesauce
2 cans of generic black beans ( I should invest in a black bean farm.)
2 boxes of Kraft mac and cheese
1 Old Orchard apple juice
1 V8 Fusion
1 package of Popumz
3 tubs of Edy's ice cream
2 pints of Haagen Dazs
1 Hormel Honey Ham
1 gallon of hormone free whole milk
2 bottles of Purex
1 10 oz brick of generic cheese
1 package of Kraft Singles
1 package of Kraft shredded cheese
1.85 lbs of green grapes

My pre-tax total came in at about $43.00. I'm, not sure how much I saved by purchasing only sale items, but it should be a significant amount. I only used two coupons today -- on the ham and on the V8. I just didn't have much luck matching up coupons this week. (Let's remember that I don't get the paper or have a printer!)

I'm a little worried that I don't have enough fruit to support my fruit eating bottomless pits of children. I have grapes, a few apples, a few strawberries on their last leg and some baby's favorite. I intended on saving a few dollars in case Target had some kind of berries on sale this upcoming week...............but the Haagen Dasz.................Mommy Fail. Really though, if we start to have a crisis, I'll pick something up with our family spending money this week.

I actually have several meals slated for this week. I currently have stuffed shells baking away in the oven. We'll be having a super delicious dinner of stuffed shell and green beans for dinner. And ice cream, of course. I'm also planning on making a crockpot of salsa soup to divide up for lunches this week. Later in the week, I'll throw together some apple juice chicken. Other than that, the family will be happy to have some of our usual quick eating favorites: ham sandwiches, grilled cheese, black bean and cheese quesadillas, cheese and crackers, and mac and cheese.

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