Friday, April 2, 2010

A day in the life of...

Let's see...a recap of my last 30ish hours...

5:00 last night, little girl kicks already not feeling well big girl in eye at grocery store
7:00, Daddy gets home from work, and I take big girl to ER
11:00, diagnosis of double bacterial pink eye, double ear infection, upper respiratory infection, and yes a scratched cornea
11:30, 24 hour CVS
12:30, bedtime
5:30, alarm goes off
7:30-3:30, work
4:00-5:30, a few minutes at home + dinner
5:45 - 7:15, ballet + acrobatics class


A very tired attempt at freezer cooking...

I made a double batch of my new seriously awesome cranberry orange scone recipe. I'm going to give one to my parents, so they can have fresh scones on Easter morning, and we'll have some too. (I'm going to try to start providing more Holiday morning surprises for my parents. I always WANT to, and I never get around to it. Time to start thinking about Mother's Day!) I threw the second batch in the freezer, so I can take them to work for a potluck we're having next Friday at work. I'm always happy when someone brings breakfast, so I figured I'd be that person this time!

Secondly, I cut up three lbs of organic onions that I got on sale this week. I LOVE having diced, frozen onions. It is SO convenient when I'm trying to whip up a recipe that calls for onions. This might be my single most favorite time and money saving cooking tip. Give it try! While I was at it, I finely minced a white onion for the Olive Garden's Spinach and Artichoke dip recipe that I will be debuting tomorrow. It's awesome. Really awesome.

And now...

10:45, bedtime


  1. I never thought of pre-dicing the onion! Great idea! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Do you just throw the dough in the freezer and then when ready, thaw, cut and bake?

  3. Yes, except that I don't have to slice these. This recipe calls for it to be baked as a round and scored for slicing after they are baked. Really easy!

  4. Holy Cats! I am impressed that you did ANYTHING after all that!
    I do the onion thing too - love it! Off to check out your scone recipe