Friday, September 10, 2010

Freezer Cooking Plan

My goal for the weekend is to spend some time getting my house organized and less time cooking. It's just something that NEEDS to be done as we're getting ready to add a baby to an already crowded house. I started tonight by cleaning out my Tupperware cabinet. I decided it was VERY MUCH time to toss everything I didn't have a match for. I threw away just a few bases, but about 30 lids! Where on earth do the bases go??? Anyway, it was very liberating! I highly recommend it. The other big thing on my agenda is tagging for the Just Between Friends sale next week. I have about 80 items, so that ought to take me awhile! Hopefully, the return will be worth it! Regardless, I DO have a little bit planned for freezer day:

I've been making "baby's favorite" with my free apples like crazy this week. I've made and frozen a batch of apple pear, apple pumpkin and apple nectarine. I still have enough apples for 2-3 batches, and I might go picking again. This will not be a freezer "day" project, but an ongoing project this week.

I'm also wanting to try this Apple Crostada. I've never made a "real" pie before, so I thought this might be an easy start. I'll make sure to share my thoughts!

Additionally, I plan on making a big pot of our favorite chili for dinner tomorrow night and for leftovers for lunch at work this week. And, I'm making my Cracker Barrel cinnamon apples for my dad's birthday dinner on Sunday. I've not shared either of those recipes, and they are GREAT. You can really look forward to them!



    I love this apple "pie" recipe. I have 2 baking right now. Simple easy and only a few ingredients.

  2. Ahh I love getting rid of stuff thats not being used!