Saturday, September 25, 2010

Groceries and Preschool Snacks

We never made it a second trip to the store after last week's first trip. I ended up going the middle of this week to pick up preschool snacks, which did end up coming out of the grocery budget. I also used what was left of last week's money towards this purchase along with a little bit of cash from this week's budget.

Our total came in at right around $30 before tax. I was so excited to get all of the juice and chocolate milk for $1 a bottle. What a deal!

I don't have another shopping trip planned, really. We're going to Target later today because my girls need new fall shoes. We'll probably pick up what we can find for a good price, and that we'll be it for the week.

I also don't have a bunch of cooking planned for this weekend. I really want to eat through some of the stuff we already have, but we might make peanut butter white chocolate chip blondies as a special treat for daddy later today. Stay tuned for that recipe! It looks like a good one!

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