Thursday, February 24, 2011

Preschool Snacks - A fun birthday idea!

As you have read, I've been struggling with the "snacks" that come in to my children's preschool. So unhealthy! I really don't have a problem with a sweet treat on birthdays. It's just that it's ALWAYS someone's birthday and then when someone is always making an exception to bring cookies/candy/etc on top of the birthdays, the sweet treats are never ending! I really wanted to do something different this year, and I discovered it was REALLY easy. My big girl LOVES whipped cream (who doesn't?!?!) and strawberries are definitely another favorite! When I suggested the combination for her birthday treat she was THRILLED! I started praying for a sale on strawberries when I needed it (LOL!) and we made a plan!

Incidentally, I was able to get strawberries for $2/lb this week. I used 5 boxes to prepare enough strawberries for 15 strawberry cups. The whipped cream cost just under $2, and I used leftover birthday party supplies to dress things up a little bit! My total cost was about $12. I realize that this is about 5x the cost of a cake mix and frosting, but it is so much healthier! I think of it as an opportunity to bless my big girl and her friends with something special and out of the ordinary, and I challenge you to think out of the box for your kids birthday's at school! I think it's cool to send an exciting
favorite whether it is a traditional birthday sweet or not!


  1. love this! we never do cookies or cupcakes for birthdays either. one year we did pineapple and grape skewers, another we did blue raspberry jello with 4 raspberries and whipped cream in a cute dish, another we did chocolate covered strawberries, another we did banana pudding with bananas, two vanilla wafers and whipped cream. :) i am thinking frozen bananas with chocolate this year.

  2. Great ideas!

  3. Great idea! It is nice our school has implemented healthy snacks only. However, healthy is different for everyone. Also as a mom of a Celiac, I have to provide my son his own snack every day, but love to provide for the whole class so they see gluten free isn't gross.

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