Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Daddy Shops!

Ok, so I NEVER send my husband to the grocery store if I can help it. I just remember the boxes of Little Debbies and bags of candy my dad used to bring home when I was little girl and shudder.It turns out my husband is much more capable of avoiding the junk and sticking to the plan. Lucky me!

Anyway, my husband did a really good job! It's really hard to see everything he got, but I just don't have time to list everything out. I sent him with a list and a ziploc full of coupons and a not so organized list. He spent about $62 before tax. He did accidentally grab some wrong sized packages and such instead of the sale size, but we'll forgive him. I really thought he would probably mess A LOT up (no offense to him, it just isn't easy!) and he totally didn't. I think it gave him a new appreciation for how hard I have to work to feed us on a budget AND how rewarding it is to save some money. He came home saying, "I saved $20 with coupons!" <3

For our meals this week, I made a double batch of chicken noodle soup for dinner last night, which we've already eaten (for dinner and leftovers for lunch.) Everyone was so happy for homemade mommy food, I guess! We have a few meals coming in this week, and I have cavatini and confetti chicken casserole in the freezer in the event of an emergency. I think we'll also make sugar cookie truffles for a Valentines Day treat. Otherwise, we're eating a lot of easy things, old fashioned oatmeal, scrambled cheese eggs, cheese and crackers, and fresh fruit and vegetables. I'll also be sharing a recipe for an awesome white lasagna that I made awhile back.

We're supposed to have a few warmer days this weekend, so I'm planning on bundling the baby up and hitting the store with my new little man.We are still in a spot (maybe a permanent spot) where we just eating every ounce of food that comes in to this house, so I'm feeling a lot of pressure to stretch the budget as far as I can. Being the control freak that I am, it's best if I can manage the groceries on my own!

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  1. Your hubby did great! I remember my dad coming home with arms full of icecream and junk. (He still does this lol) Hubby is the same way. If I send him with a list and some coupons, he will come home with what's on the list. But he'll also bring some junk too. ;)

    Your menu sounds really good. I love easy weeks. :)