Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Eatin'

I made two quick trips to the grocery store. I had a really scary experience with a man following me at Hen House in the middle of the day on Friday. It was absolutely terrifying, but let this be a reminder to pay attention to what is going on around you! I realized that I am very frequently very absorbed in my list and coupons and not paying an ounce of attention to anything else! Thankfully this time I was on my toes! This is what I picked up at Hen House,

These are my groceries at Hy Vee, but I forgot to include the milk I bought in the picture! I also left a box of Gogurt at my mom's for the girls to eat when they are at her house. My total was in the $30 neighborhood, and I believe I saved 54%, but the checker forgot to double my coupons. I was busy talking to a police officer while my groceries were being rung up. I did my best to make sure everything went through correctly. I'll just have to let it slide this time!

It's been awhile since one of my children's floating heads appeared in a photo, so here is my youngest daughter! This was my trip to Hy Vee. Between the two purchases my total came to a little over $50 after tax.

We are SO busy in the summer, and I find myself just not doing a whole lot of meal planning! On Friday we had french bread pizza and cake! It was so delicious and a special treat for us to have a store bought cake! We ate dinner out last night at a work event and today's dinner was sandwiches and fruit at the pool! We'll probably have a few nights of sandwiches and pasta with marinara this week as we have another night at the pool, blueberry picking and Bible study planned for the evenings this week. I might make a lasagna on Wednesday night. Breakfasts will include cereal, yogurt and fresh fruit. I'm also going try to get a pineapple inside out cake made because we don't have any sweets around here. It's good for the kids, but not so good for mommy!


  1. I hear ya on summer business! Last week I went through my calendar and cut out a bunch of things, so we could have a bit of down time each week. It's hard to let things go though, but it's necessary for my sanity :)

  2. It is nice to have meals be more relaxed in the summer.