Saturday, June 18, 2011

What will we eat this week?

It was somewhat of a frustrating week at the store(s) this week. I feel like I did a relatively decent job stretching my $50 (pre-tax) dollars, but I got next to nothing to make an actual MEAL! So frustrating!

Our first trip was to Hy-Vee,

I spent right around $30 pre-tax. I happened to notice that a lot of their prices on canned goods and shelf stable items had gone up $.25 or so. The two particular items I noticed were Contandina pizza sauce and Hy Vee brand mandarin oranges. Those are two of our favorites. Bummer! Also, aside from the cheese and strawberries, their other sales prices were really unimpressive. I decided to hold the majority of our dairy purchase for Hen House.

I was hoping to pick up a bunch of expiring and marked down dairy with coupons, but that sure didn't happen! My total was right around $20 pre-tax. I still did ok with sales and coupons, and I did track down the dairy guy in order to find out that they are marking down their expiring items in the morning. Maybe I need to change my schedule and start hitting the store BEFORE work! HA! Actually though, I do have a Hen House close to my work, so I could run there on my lunch break and store my dairy in the fridge at work until I go home. I may see if that nets better prices next week. The lower dairy prices have been a HUGE blessing for us in recent past weeks. It killed me to pay so much, even with coupons!

For meals this week, we'll probably eat enchilada soup and chili from the freezer. I'm also making pasta salad and strawberry shortcake popsicles for our Father's Day get together tomorrow. Additionally, it's time to make baby brother's first batch of baby food! I was able to pick up peaches at$.99/lb, so I think peaches will be his first food! I'll share how I make that some time this week!

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