Friday, April 17, 2009

Even though I decided taking an extra $50.00 for groceries for a holiday is still completely in integrity, the truth is that I didn't have $50.00 to squeak out of one of our other budgets. So, I'm getting creative. I cashed in my baby rewards at Hy-Vee for a $10.00 gift certificate. I got:

2 Philadelphia cracker cut spreads ($1.52 each)
2 Post Trail Mix Crunch cereals ($1.48 each)
2 Ronzoni Smart Taste spaghettis ($.59 each)
1 Charmin Basic toilet paper ($4.99)

I went slightly over, but the $2.00 gallon of chocolate milk was sold out and my Jimmy Dean Breakfast Skillet coupon was expired, so I had to move on to Plan C.

Tomorrow I'll spend $20.00 at a different store, and that will be it for the week.

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