Sunday, April 5, 2009

Why buy consignment?

Ok, I understand why people buy consignment. There ARE deals to be found, but I just generally am unimpressed when I browse through a consignment shop. The quality of the clothes was usually sub-par to begin with, then you add some wear and tear in to the mix, and charge a fittingly mediocre price. What's the point? I'd rather have something brand new for basically the same price. That way I know it will hold up long enough for both girls to wear it, and, hopefully, I might even still be able to make some money on the back end selling name brand clothes on Craig's List. (BTW, I've consigned clothes ONCE and thought it was the biggest rip off in history.)

Anyway, this is what I picked up at Gymboree today. I had to split it in two to pictures, but it's a good mix of layerable winter wear, church dresses, nice Spring clothes AND a winter coat. My total was right around $125.00 after tax for 16 pieces. This is just under $8.00 a piece. A total steal per item, if you ask me. I didn't have time to total up the retail value, but I can tell you that a full priced $125.00 purchase would have only bought me the winter coat, red sweater, striped turtleneck and zebra dress. So, virtually everything else was "free."

And, the best part was that I got $50.00 in Gymbucks. So, I'll get to go back and "steal" some more clothes.


  1. Wow, I can't imagine paying $125.00 on my kids' clothes! Sorry, but I adore consignment shops. We have a great one here, Once Upon A Child. It's a chain store ~ check and see if you have one in your area! They have plenty of Gymboree clothes, plus TCP, Gap, etc. Many pairs of my kids' shoes have come from there, without previous wear!

    I love when they have a Buy Two Clearance Items, Get One Free sale. I dig through all the items to find the lowest-prices (but not lowest quality). Before the fall, I paid $21 for about 25 items!

  2. We have a Once Upon a Child here. In fact, it is the store I am referencing! I've been several times and have always walked out empty handed. I'm just not impressed with the quality or the prices. I don't want to pay $3 or $4 dollars for something in less than great quality. For me, it is far better to pay a little more for new clothes of great quality with the assurance that both of my children will wear it. Plus, instead of reselling these to a consignment shop, I can resell to a Gymboree fanatic for close to or more than I paid for them. It's all about ROI and the big picture. It may not be for everyone, but it is working just fine for us.