Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hopelessly over budget

I just couldn't resist the Smart Ones. It is SO nice to not have to think about what I'm going to take for lunch every day. I went a little over budget because I got 3. It will buy me a few minutes of my evening back a few days this week. Worth every penny.

My total today was $28.78 after taxes. I saved 54% or $31.31. This does not include the rain check I had for the Wheat Thins. So, I really did just a little bit better. I think this is a pretty good figure considering the prepared chicken and cake. Plus, we all know it's hard to get ANY kind of a deal on milk!

The really good steal this week was the PB. They came to $.48 a piece after the sale and coupons. I've been buying PB at Sam's, but this even beat that cost. Also, I rocked the free stuff. The steam in bag veggies, Hawaiian rolls, Noodle Roni, chocolate cake and one bag of Quaker rice cakes were FREE!

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