Monday, April 13, 2009

Well, husband deleted my picture of my second shopping trip this week. I spent a little more than I intended, but as you will see, I hit the Hannah Montana motherload.

Peeps $1.09
2 Libbys corn $.48
1 Jet puff mini marshmallows $.78
1 Big Red 2 liter free
2 Kraft Zesty Italian dressings $.02 credit a piece
4 boxes of Wheat Thins $1.58
2 Philadelphia cream cheese $.99
2 dozen eggs about $.75 per dozen
1 Kraft cheddar brick $1.48 (I shouldn't have bought cheese on my last purchase. Detail error. : ( )
2 regular sized Kraft singles $1.48
Pillsbury frozen biscuits $1.77
Pillsbury frozen cinnamon rolls $2.50 (I had almost $2.00 in coupons between biscuits and cinn rolls also.)
1 big white onion $.29

AND, all of the Hannah Montana stuff was marked down to $2.00. I also had a bunch of $1.00 of various product coupons. I got 2 of my normal Herbal Essences Drama Clean shampoos with a Hannah Montana label, 4 Secret deoderants and 2 Hannah Montana Oil of Olay body washes. These all came to $1.00 a piece. I was SO GLAD I remembered to check that shelf with all of the "crap" they're trying to unload. I find the best deals there when I remember!

So, the total was $28.85. I saved 62% or $41.56. However, that number does not include the already marked down Hannah Montana items. I think I saved close to an additional $2.00 per item, which alots me about an extra $16.00 in savings. Counting that, I rocked it.

Special tip, there were THREE free after Extra Care bucks in the CVS add. 1 Softsoap scrub (there was a coupon for this in the paper last Sunday,) Colgate (limit 2.) Also, the Softsoap ensenbles has $4.00 cash back if you buy both the regular bottle and a refill. This has also had coupons printed and will be free when paired with a coupon (or close to free.) Buy these items and roll your Extra Care bucks to next week's free items. If these are not items you will use, please donate them to your local food pantry or shelter.

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  1. im drooling over all your good deals.I paid 1.89 for a dozen eggs today.