Friday, May 22, 2009

Not pictured - one Pace Three Cheese salsa and 2 half gallons of Breyers. (Yes, this is a summer supply of ice cream, but it was like $1.75 a gallon!)

Admittedly, this is a very strange collection of not so great food. However, this method of shopping great sales with coupons doesn't always look so hot as each trip stands alone. What matters is the sum of each part. In the end, we always have what we need. Also, in the summer, we're on the go SO MUCH. We're eating on the run. We eat different food, and I think we eat and definitely cook hot meals less.

I bought swim diapers on this trip, so my total is a little skewed. I spent $37.81 (before tax) and saved $45.25. A pretty darn good trip considering diapers. I will deduct the $5.50 I spent on swim diapers from my total and spend another $15.00 on a another trip to a second store.

Also, once again, we've got a family holiday and get together this weekend, so that contributes to the weirdness of this trip. I'm taking a cake and lemonade. And, I owe my husband a Boston Cream layer thing I make when he is in the mood.

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