Sunday, June 7, 2009

Blue Light Special #2

GOSH I love these K-Mart coupon promotions!

I told myself LAST time that I would go FIRST THING on Sunday next time they ran this promotion. I went mid-afternoon today with a BIG stack of possible coupons to use. I stuck to my guns and only got the stuff that was REALLY cheap and/or stuff that I REALLY needed (razors.) I was also really happy because I don't think they were out of anything that I decided was worth the $$$. Score! Note, this trip did not come out of our food budget, but out of our extra spending budget even though it included some food items. It would just be foolish to pass up on these food items when they were next to free.

I spent $10.00 and change and saved $22.00 and change.

I was just telling my husband that I love this promotion SO much because it allows me to buy the "fancy" variety of things instead of the cheapest. Like I would normally NEVER buy those fancy razors, Juice Juice, Wisp, Bayer Quick Dissolve, Gerber fruit, Hershey Bliss or Listerine. Not that we won't use them because we will LOVE using them. It's just that they don't fit in to the normal budget! It's fun to spoil ourselves a little!

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