Friday, July 17, 2009

I was not thrilled at all with the groceries ads this week. I normally would have gone to Sam's on a week like this, but my mom is out of town which meant that I couldn't use her for her membership.

Also, i need to add that I now have a 1 year old who has moved from breastmilk bottles to whole organic milk. I kept my first daughter on all organic dairy (except for cheese) until she was 2. Then, prices started to go up, and I switched to hormone free. I've since strayed from that all together. I decided that as I've watched grocery prices start to come down a little and as I've gotten better at couponing, it's time to add organic back in where I can. We will never be able to go organic entirely, but we will at least be sticking to organic white milk and pairing organic sales and coupons when we can.

My total this week was about $68.00 after tax, but I bought 4 Pepsi 12 packs ($9) and baby wipes ($5.) These items will come out of different budgets this time, which leaves us at about $52.00 pre-tax.

Here's what I got...

1 Old Spice deoderant (This was free. I have a nice collection of stuff for the food pantry.)
2 packages of various hair accessories for the girls
1 box of Good and Plenty
1 box of Strawberry Whoppers
1 Daisy cottage cheese
1 Laughing Cow cheese wheel
2 1 lb bags of peas
2 boxes of plain Cheerios (so glad to buy these now instead of Gerber puffs!)
2 boxes of Chex
2 boxes of Whole Wheat Ronzoni
1 package of frozen shrimp
1 bottle of taco sauce
1 12 oz van of tomato sauce
1 dozen eggs
2 cans of black beans
1 1/2 gallon or organic milk
1 box of Cascadian Farms granola bars
1 pint of Starbucks ice cream
1 box of corndogs
about 5 lbs of fresh chicken breasts
1 gallon of chocolate milk
1 box of Electrasol powerballs
1 Glad clingwrap
4 8 oz bags of cheese
1 lb of stawberries
2.33 lbs of peaches (These were more per lb than I typically pay, but they have been DELICIOUS. Worth every darn penny!)
1 white onion

And, I just noticed that it looks like one of the 12 packs of pop was not free like it was supposed to be. That actually makes my total even better. I'll have to take my receipt in and get my $3.67 back!

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