Sunday, July 26, 2009

What a crazy month. I am hosting a wedding shower, my mom's 60th birthday party and my youngest daughter's first birthday party all in the next few weekends. That said, I know we are shamefully over-budget, but I couldn't even really tell you how much. With all of the partying and gift buying, I've been cross-borrowing from our different budgets and envelopes like a crazy person. That being said, I've been able to drop some serious $$$ and not charged anything. Overall, that sounds like a "win" to me.

We stopped at Hen House last night...all of this stuff is for us (ie not for a party.)

1 Charmin toilet paper
4 2 litres of Mountain Dew
2 Organic Ragu spaghetti sauces
1 gallon of Diet Lipton green tea
1 1/2 gallon of strawberry milk (let the little one talk me in to it!)
1 box of frozen Snickers
1 1/2 gallon of BlueBell Groom's Cake ice cream (can't wait to try it!)
1 box of El Monterrey Tornados
1 family sized El Monterrey cheese enchiladas
5 lbs of blueberries

My pre-tax total was $29.22. I saved $32.38 or 53%. Not the best I've ever done, but we'll live. Stay tuned for Friday night's bigger shopping trip.

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