Sunday, July 26, 2009

This is from my trip to Hy-Vee. A good deal of this trip was party food, and I bought diapers. I suppose on days like this I should have the cashier ring things separately for budgeting purposes, and sometimes I will. This particular night, however, I had an especially tired, teething and crabby birthday girl. What a combination. I just had to get in and get out as fast as I possible could (which was not fast enough.)

1 package of peanut M&Ms
1 1/2 gallon of OJ
2 Freschetta pizzas
2 cans of black eyed peas
1 Old Orchard blueberry pomegranate juice
1 jar of pimentos
1 bottle of Hunt's ketchup
1 can of black olives
1 can of green chilies
2 cans of white corn
1 bottle of Louisiana hot sauce
1 package of flour tortillas
1 box of Nutri-grain bars
1 bottle of Italian dressing
2 huge bags of Margaritaville chips
1 box of Nature's Path organic cereal
1 1/2 gallon of organic whole milk
1 package of Klondike bars
1 pacakge of Hillshire Farms honey ham
2 Hormel entrees
10 Dannon yogurts
1 jalapeno pepper
5.5 lbs of braeburn apples
1 green bell pepper
1 bunch of green onions
3 lbs of yellow onions
1 package of 82 sized 4 diapers

Total after tax was $81.26. Oh how did I see how much the non-sale party items added up. ICK.

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