Saturday, September 18, 2010

Price Chopper

I made a quick run to Price Chopper today to take advantage of all of those great Kraft coupons. I had a few match-ups, but apparently those coupons are manufacturer coupons. Who knew???!!! They say "in-ad" coupon, so I thought it was relatively safe to assume they were store coupons. I ended up putting back a few things that just were,'t that great of a deal, or we didn't need. No big deal.

This ended up being about $38 in groceries after our ginormous nearly 9% Kansas tax. Initially, I thought I didn't do very well, but now I'm looking at the picture and feeling better about it.I even have another half gallon of ice cream that isn't pictured! My standards are pretty high, so I guess I'll let it be ok.

I'll make another stop at some point this week, I think, but I'm not quite sure what's on the list. We'll definitely need milk. (My girls are drinking MORE than a gallon a week these days, which is causing me a problem!) It is also our week to take snacks to pre-K,  but I'm not sure I'm going to be able to work that within the budget this week. It may be an extra! Regardless, I'm going to start a little series about school snacks. I've been SO FRUSTRATED listening to what people are bringing at snack time. It's super important to me that my kids are getting good brain fuel for their day at school, and it just isn't happening. I think the main problem is just that people are busy and can't think of anything other than a box of fruit snacks! I'm hoping to provide some ideas that are just as quick and easy -- maybe even cheaper! We'll see!


  1. With two boys (although one is now away at college) I can totally relate to your milk comment. Sometimes I think we should have bought a cow, lol!

    I know that you can buy milk on sale and then freeze it but I have never tried that. So instead I just stock up!

  2. I have frozen it in sippy cups when I have been running up the expiration date lots of times. It works great, and I use them to keep the girl's lunches cool! I'm a little particular about what brands I buy (hormone free only,) and it seems like about the best I can EVER do is very close to $3.00 a gallon either on sale or with a coupon. Ugh!

  3. You might have 9% tax in KS, but your groceries are SO much cheaper. Hormone-free/organic milk here (one in the same in my stores) is $6/gallon regular price or $5.69 on SALE! So, you're doing well!

    I was curious what you came up with for the pre-k snacks. I'm in the same boat and I get so aggravated by all the JUNK my daughter eats at school every day.

    Loving your blog though... made your cranberry crockpot chicken last night, potato soup today and Amish Oatmeal soon. Found you from Money Saving Mom!