Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hen House

If being disorganized is a contest, I won the prize this week. I found myself at Hen House at 8 PM with two kids, a disaster of coupons and no list. Yikes.

I still managed to pull off a pretty good deal! I paid $34.85 pre-tax for everything here and saved $42.53. I once again was able to score some really great deals on milk and yogurt, so I was very happy. The other deals were just a bonus!

After that, I fed the baby and switched big girls with my husband, and we ran quickly to Hy-Vee to hit their one day sale. I got two Edy's half gallons of ice cream, 4 Palermos pizza, a can of generic refried beans, a jar of generic salsa, and a few other things I'm not remembering! My pre-tax total was right around $20. We went slightly over budget, but I had the extra money in our spending money envelope, so it wasn't a big deal.

Today we are taking dinner to my sister in law -- cavatini, salad, garlic bread and no bake cookies. It amazes me even that I can still squeak taking a meal to someone else out of our $50/budget. It's the loaves and fishes principle, I suppose. While I'm in the kitchen, I'm going to use up some leftover broccoli by making and freezing a few pans of Green Rice Casserole. I'm also planning on making blueberry lemon scones and a new Mexican tortilla pie recipe. Breakfasts this week will likely be cereal or yogurt. Lunches will probably be peanut butter and honey with a side of fruit for the girls and leftovers and salad for me and my husband. For dinner, we'll have breakfast burritos, frozen pizza with salad, Philadelphia fettuccine and garlic bread and macaroni and cheese and fruit.

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