Sunday, May 1, 2011

An Unexciting Grocery Update

We have had a SUPER, SUPER busy week complete with preschool, a new soccer club, painting a bedroom, new bunk bed delivery and assembly, a work picnic, dance classes and planning a trip in a few weeks, and of course two full-time jobs. It was EXHAUSTING. I completely avoided going to the grocery store on Friday. I decided to go when my husband got home from work on Saturday night, which turned out to be about 9 PM. I didn't get home until almost 11 PM, and I was just OVER it. Thus, my apologies, no picture!

I spent about $60 pre tax at Hy Vee. I intended to use the $15 off a $100 purchase coupon, but I just didn't find enough good deals to get me to $100. I realize I could have gotten just about anything and been fine because it was $15 FREE dollars, but I was so far away once they rang up my total that I just didn't care any more.

I got a lot of fresh produce -- grapes, kiwis, Dole steamable broccoli, a few bags of salad, a red onion, a few green peppers, apples and organic oranges. YUM! I'm on a super healthy mission because I am going to a wedding in Florida, and I have to wear a swimming suit in 4 weeks! Oh the horror!

For my lunches this week, I've made a big tub of broccoli salad (plus almonds without bacon!) I also just made a big pan of funeral potatoes for my family to have as a side with a few various Hormel entrees I bought this week. For breakfast, I made two whole wheat carrot and pineapple breakfast cakes. I intend on sharing this recipe, but I forgot to take a picture! Additional meals will be easy things like pancakes and eggs, ham sandwiches, french tortillas with Nutella and lots of fruits, veggies and salad!

Also, forgive me if I don't have many new and exciting recipes in the near future! Desserts are my favorite, and I'm trying to abstain!

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  1. I got my coupon in the mail. Thank you so much! :) I love winning giveaways. I never do. Ha! :) Erin