Sunday, April 5, 2009

Best Savings Yet...

This is a pretty good picture, so I'm not going to really break everything down. (The only thing that is kind of hiding is a 2 litre of Dr. Pepper.) I spent $20.49 after a 7.5% food tax. The savings was $41.23 before tax, and I will also receive a Upromise credit of $1.00 and some change. Total savings was 70% and a little more with the Upromise savings. I guess I'm raising the standard!


  1. awesome deal!Let me know how that kashi meal is!

  2. Peggy, it was REALLY good. It was a nice switch from my normal Smart Ones Three Cheese Ziti. The Kashi blend rice was GOOD, and it was perfectly spicy. I'll buy it again sometime, if I can get it cheap, of course.