Friday, April 24, 2009

Blue Light Special

Today was a bargain extravaganza. I picked up two free toothpastes and a free shaving cream at CVS. Then, I hit K-Mart for their super sale. They are offering double coupons on all coupons $.75-$4.00 and triple coupons on all coupons $.74. The bad news is, I got late word on this. They were PICKED OVER. Even still, I ended up only spending $8.00 and change for ALL of this stuff today. That puts each item at under $.70. Not bad.

**Editing to add, I ran across my receipt, and I was actually just barely over $8.00 after tax. That puts me actually at about $.60 per item after tax. Even better than I thought!**

Rumor from my K-Mart checker is that they will be offering this sale again in MAY. AWESOME. I was seriously so peeved I hadn't been cutting ALL coupons. My theory is that even if a coupon is for something I normally wouldn't use, I'll try anything for free once. And, if we don't want it or need it, the food pantry does. So, I'll be hitting the coupons hard and be the first in line at K-Mart next time!


  1. Way cool, keep up the good work!

  2. thats awesome!We dont have a kmart up here but man that is such a good deal!