Saturday, January 15, 2011



I spent another week working from home trying to keep this baby in. Incidentally, we ALL spent a lot of this week at home due to the weather. I did pull it together to hit the 2 day sale at Hy-Vee today. We could scrape by for awhile without a trip, but I keep thinking this baby is going to come, and I'm never going to see the inside of a grocery store without three kids ever again. Ha! I did go pretty far over budget, mostly because this grocery store trip is the only place I've been in a week. I'm running low on all kinds of household stuff, so I picked up what I had to have and could pick up on the cheap at the grocery store instead of making a special stop somewhere. This is what I got:

1 lb of generic cottage cheese
3 tubes of Pillsbury crescents
2 generic broccoli floret steamers
1 box of Barilla fettuccine
1 loaf of Earthgrains bread
1 bottle of Hershey's syrup
1 generic nut and raisin trail mix (not pictured because my kid HAD have it. Love those good eaters!)
2 12 oz bags of generic egg noodles
1 can of generic pumpkin
2 2 lb bags of generic rice
1 box of Apple Jacks
1 box of Corn Pops
1 1/2 gallon of vanilla ice cream
1 package of Hillshire Honey ham
1 4 pack of Activia Strawberry Cheesecake
1/2 gallon of generic 2% milk
1 4 pack of Yo-Plus
16 8 oz packages of generic cheese
2 8 oz bricks of generic cheese
1 package of 8 large tortillas
1 whole pineapple
2.4 lbs Granny Smith apples
1 green bell pepper
4 baking potatoes
5 lbs of navel oranges
A few lbs of pork chops

Also not pictured,
1 3M Allergen Air Filter
6 rolls of Charmin Basic
1 box of Electrasol powerball tabs
4 2 litres of Coke
3 pack of Starbucks Via

Dang that is a lot of food! My food total before tax came to about $65, which I think is really pretty darn good, even though it was over budget. (We'll take the overage out of our savings money this week due to special circumstances.) I was really trying hard to get a lot of things I could use to make some solid meals. With the things I picked up today and the food I have on stock, I plan on making Confetti Chicken Casserole, Cream of Chicken Pork Chops and Rice, ham and cheese crescent sandwiches and broccoli cheese baked potatoes for dinner this week for sure. If we're still scrounging for meals, I know I can make Mexican Crockpot Chicken or Philadelphia Fettuccine as well. Hopefully I'll also have time to whip up a batch of Whole Wheat pumpkin muffins too. It would be nice to freeze some, so I have some quick breakfasts for when this baby comes!

And, one of the best parts is that we still have enough to share. Tomorrow we're taking Cavatini and Hershey brownies to one of  my daughter's teachers that recently was diagnosed with leukemia. We're so blessed that we can bless others too.


  1. I think $65 sounds like a great total! I wish my trips were that much!

    My goodness, those brownies look delish... chocolate... drool...

  2. You sure did great at the store, you got a LOT for your $65 for sure. It is a real challenge for me to try and be frugal BUT healthy, and too many flour products do not agree with me....too bad because I sure do love them. Good job!