Sunday, January 9, 2011

A tired trip...

It's been a hard week around here. I'm on semi bedrest after having some preterm labor complications on Tuesday. I've been working from home, but I HAD to go to the grocery store today. I had planned on sending my husband, but after I made the list I realized it would be really hard for him. I decided I could handle it if he kept the girls. I made it, but it was exhausting. I didn't really do any meal planning ahead of time. I just grabbed what was cheap, which leaves me still wondering what we'll eat this week. I did at least pick up the stuff I needed to make cavatini next weekend for one of my girl's teachers who has cancer.I figured it was entirely possible I might not make it back to the store until then!

Here is what I got:

1 V05 conditioner
1 dozen eggs
3 half gallons of OJ
1 Pillsbury Simply bisciuts
3 cans of Campbell's soups
1 package of ChiChis tortillas
6 boxes of Creamette pasta
1 loaf of Earthgrains bread
8 cans of generic tuna
3 64 oz jars of generic apple juice
8 cans of Mrs. Grimes black beans
1 Old Fashioned Quaker oats
1 Instant Quaker Oats
3 pack of Peter Pan PB
1 package of OR Movie Butter popcorn
2 bags of Tostitos
1 jar of Tostitos queso
1 Welch's reduced sugar jelly
4 8 oz containers of generic cottage cheese
1 1/2 gallon of generic milk
4.16 lbs of navel oranges
2.33 lbs bosc pears

I had to pick up several other random things (ice melt, foil pans, a drink, etc,) but I think my total came in at right around $50 not including the weird items.


  1. I would love, love, love to see a typical weekly menu of yours!

  2. I post a general one nearly ever week! I didn't have the energy to do so yesterday but will edit this post accordingly.

  3. That looks like you did a great job budgeting your food shopping. I checked on the cavatini recipe and it looks delicious.