Friday, January 21, 2011

Like a pregnant lady in the grocery store...

This is embarrassing. SO much more processed food and junk than we normally eat. SO much more. And it doesn't even look like much! Perhaps I can use this trip as an example when people claim that it is more expensive to feed your family whole foods. Hello, NOT.

Anyway, I'm almost 37 weeks pregnant. I'm doing ok, but grocery shopping sure isn't my idea of fun lately. We hit Price Chopper for their 4 day sale. I intended on only spending some of my budget, but that did not go as planned. This here friends is $47.00 worth of groceries pre-tax. What will we eat this week? Good question. We'll talk about that in a minute.

Here is what I got:

4 Belfonte yogurts (somehow I got home with 3)
3 Pillsbury biscuits
2 Pillsbury pizza crusts
2 1/2 gallons of Edy's ice cream
2 Ore Idea french fries
4 Hunt's Snack Pack puddings
3 boxes of Cheerios
1 jar Kraft Miracle Whip
1 box of Ramen noodles
5 jars Organic Ragu
1 package of Thomas bagels
1 package of Farmland hot dogs
2.22 lbs of Gala apples
1.01 lbs of Bing cherries
1/2 gallon of 2% hormone free milk

So yes, what ARE we going to eat this week? I am definitely going to eat Cheese Calzones. Lots of them. They're my favorite after all! I also didn't get around to making Philadelphia Fettuccine last week, so we'll definitely have that. Additionally, I have a new recipe for Paula Deen's Orange Coffee Cake that I can't wait to try. Other than those things, umm, umm, umm, I'm hoping I'm eating hospital food and the rest of the crew is eating Cheerios for breakfast and carrying in Taco Bell for dinner. We're just being honest here, right?


  1. With my third pregnancy I actually would dream about McDonalds cheeseburgers! I ate them ALL the time during those nine months, though when I'm not pregnant, I can't stand them lol! Don't beat yourself up, it's the crazy pregnancy hormones shopping, not you :)

  2. Ha...You're too funny! I hope you are going to be eating hospital food as well! Thanks for linking up! I'm now a follower!

  3. Right! I can't wait for baby news. You're almost there ... good luck!

  4. It's great that you plan ahead. I've tried the organic Ragu and think that it has a fresher taste.

  5. #3 was the easiest birth for me, hopefully for you too! I have 3 daughters, 31, 29 and 23, and one granddaughter, 2!

  6. We all have a week here or there. I bought potato chips and a few other things I didn't need this week and wasn't able to get as much produce as I wanted and stay in budget. I hope you have lots of friends bring you dinners so you won't have to cook when you have the baby!