Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sick Baby

What a week! Last Saturday night, my 8 lb bundle of cuteness was diagnosed with RSV. 4 days and 4 Urgent Care visits later, he was admitted to our local children's hospital. It was the worst.timing.ever. as 3/4 grandparents are out of town, and my husband just missed a few days from work due to his grandma's passing. Ah yes, when it rains, it pours!

The good news is that the little man made a speedier recovery than expected, and we got to come home yesterday afternoon! The bad news was that I HAD to the grocery store. I've never left one of my nurslings at home before 6 months, but I thankfully had just a few ounces of milk in the freezer that I was able to make a super fast trip. (I'm realizing with three kids I'm going to need a bigger milk stash! I already pump at work 3 times a day, but I'm going to have to add in some home pumping!)

We went a little over budget due to my rushing. I was also out of a few staples (sugar, toilet paper, jelly, milk, bread) and had to pay full price for the sugar, jelly and milk, which I normally prefer not to do. Our total was right around $75 after tax.

We're semi home bound for the next week or two as we're trying to keep the little one from getting sick again before the end of RSV season. I'll have to do some looking for new recipes to try! I'm going to make baked potato soup tonight by my husband's request. I also have a new recipe for a cranberry apple cake I'm going to test out. Other meals will include Mexican crockpot chicken with our favorite black bean dip and other quick things like turkey sandwiches, mac and cheese and taco soup from the freezer stash.

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